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Are you having trouble keeping track of symptoms, appointments, and the choas that can go hand-in-hand-with IIH? IIH Patient Nicole Rodriguez (@kindlycollab) has created some resources to help you keep track.

Why you might need to see a neurologist

Neurologists diagnose, treat and manage conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord and disorders of the nervous system. One of the most commonly treated conditions seen by a neurologist is a headache. They work up a headache by ordering imaging studies, bloodwork, and performing a full history and physical. If an abnormality is seen on imaging, advanced studies can be performed and you may need to see another specialist for further investigation.

How to find the right neurologist:

Neurologists can specialize in many conditions such as headaches, stroke, cancer, and rare neurological disorders. When you are searching for the right neurologist, you can visit their profile page to see if they mention IIH in their list of conditions they see. You can also call their office and ask their team if they are knowledgeable in diagnosing and managing IIH.



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