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Imaging Findings in IIH

Dr. Kim discusses the radiology tools used to assess the neurological system and their importance in IIH.

Dr. Andrew Kim is a Neuroradiologist and Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. On Thursday, March 30th Dr. Andrew Kim reviewed findings seen on radiological imaging of the brain that are specific to IIH.

This lecture was moderated by Dr. A. John Tsiouris, a Neuroradiologist and Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology and the Director of MRI at NYPH-WCMC.

Dr. Kim presented 4 cases of increased intracranial pressure seen on MRI  and MRV. These patients combined with their signs and symptoms and evaluation by specialists were ultimately diagnosed and treated for IIH.

Imaging findings associated with IIH are:

  • Empty sella
  • Orbital findings:
    • Flattening of the posterior globe
    • Intraocular protrusion of optic nerve heads
    • Optic nerve head enhancement and/or diffusion restriction
    • Optic nerve sheath dilation and/or tortuosity
  • Transverse-sigmoid venous sinus junction stenosis

There are also additional findings seen on MRI and MRV that are suspicious of IIH but are also associated with other neurological conditions. These findings are:

  • Prominent skull base arachnoid granulations (and related complications)
  • Cerebellar tonsillar herniation
  • Slit-like ventricles (caution as this finding is a less reliable sign of IIH)

To view these specific findings on imaging and to learn more, please watch this lecture here.

Our next live webinar will be on Venous Manometry with Dr. Stephanie Chen, a Neurosurgeon at the University of Washington. This will be moderated by Dr. Visish Srinivasan, a Neurosurgeon at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Venous manometry can be a useful quantitative tool for confirming venous obstruction and for planning of treatment options in IIH.

We look forward to seeing you April 13th at 6pm ET, please register here to join us.

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