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Yes, you can still thrive with IIH

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November 22, 2022
If you or a loved one has IIH, here are some helpful tips to prepare for the holidays...


Weight loss does not improve IIH


 Obese women who had a decrease of 5-10% of total body weight experienced a reversal of symptoms associated with IIH


IIH only affects women


Though most commonly diagnosed in women, IIH is found in men too.

Patient Stories

“As I’ve started a healthier lifestyle, I don’t feel that IIH is necessarily weight related, but more so related to what we eat.”
“I have my life back and I wouldn’t change a thing.”


pregnant woman cradling baby bump
August 29, 2022
If you have IIH and want to become pregnant, you can, it will just require a bit more preparation....

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