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Are you having trouble keeping track of symptoms, appointments, and the choas that can go hand-in-hand-with IIH? IIH Patient Nicole Rodriguez (@kindlycollab) has created some resources to help you keep track.

Why you might need to see a Neurointerventionalist

A Neurointerventionalist is a physician who is a neurologist who continues their education to perform minimally invasive procedures using radiology. This is a subspeciality who treats vascular pathologies of the central nervous system using a catheter-based technique. Some conditions that a neurointerventionalists treat are: venous sinus stenosis, strokes, aneurysms, and compression fractures.

How to find the right one

If you have healthcare insurance, you may need a referral from your primary care or other specialists to see a neurointerventionalist. If you have had prior imaging, it will be helpful to this group of specialists to bring the images (such as a CD rom, etc) for comparison and review. You can visit most hospital and professional webpages to see if your neurointerventionalist treats conditions like venous sinus stenosis.


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