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Are you having trouble keeping track of symptoms, appointments, and the choas that can go hand-in-hand-with IIH? IIH Patient Nicole Rodriguez (@kindlycollab) has created some resources to help you keep track.

Why you might need to see a neuro-ophthalmologist

Neuro-ophthalmology is a subspecialty of both neurology and ophthalmology. Neuro ophthalmologists specialize in vision issues that relate to your nervous system. Vision changes can be due to brain pathologies, including trauma, a stroke, and IIH. 

Neuro ophthalmologists perform a detailed medical history and physical exam. They diagnose and treat afferent visual system disorders like optic neuritis, papilledema, which is seen with IIH. They also manage optic neuropathy, brain tumors, stroke and efferent visual system disorders.

How to find the right one

Due to the scarcity of neuro-ophthalmologists, it may be difficult to find one in your geographical area. Telemedicine may be able to make this subspeciality more accessible, but insurance may dictate that possibility. If seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist is not possible, an ophthalmologist can help guide your care.


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