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Weight Loss Strategies and IIH: From GLP-1’s to Healthy Habits

Rebecca Washuta discusses how living a healthy lifestyle can improve your mental and physical self.

On June 24, 2024, Licensed Dietician Nutritionist Rebecca Washuta discussed how living a healthy lifestyle can improve your mental and physical self. Whether you have idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), or any other chronic condition, caring for your whole self can improve symptoms like headaches, fatigue and brain fog. 

Rebecca Washuta is a board-certified, state licensed dietitian nutritionist and owner of the private practice Happy Healthy Bites. She has a degree in both Neuroscience and Nutrition, and specializes in weight loss, metabolic health, and autoimmune conditions.

In this 1-hour lecture, Ms. Washuta reviewed weight loss strategies from healthy habits to GLP-1’s. From having positive psychology to taking a few extra steps a day, one can achieve their own personal wellness goals.

Some key points of her lecture are:

  • Having an elevated BMI is multifactorial and losing weight is not simply a “calories in, calories out” issue.
  • Any form of movement counts and burns calories, concepts like NEAT can improve your overall health. 
  • Small changes like body posture, reinforcing healthy behavior, and positive emotions can contribute to achieving your goals. 
  • GLP1’s have recently been approved for the management of weight loss. There are no good studies on the outlook and impact for those who have used it solely for weight loss.
  • With any medication, there are pros and cons and risks and benefits. A qualified medical professional should guide you in making your decision to start a GLP-1.
  • As per FDA recommendations, a GLP-1 should be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle such as diet and exercise.
  • Regardless of your weight, you can still be mal- or undernourished. You also may not be ingesting enough protein or nutrients to stay healthy. 
  • The Organic Acids Test is an at-home urine test that evaluates 76 biomarkers and can uncover nutrient deficiencies, antioxidant deficiencies, as well as abnormalities in your gut microbiome.

To watch the full webinar, click here. If you would like to see Ms. Rebecca Washuta as a client, you can visit her website at HappyHealthyBites.com or follow her on Instagram @Happy HealthyBites.

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Rebecca Washuta discusses how living a healthy lifestyle can improve your mental and physical self....

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