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Building a Specialty Practice with Dr. Ricardo Komotar

On January 23rd, 2023 we launched our first lecture for our live webinar series dedicated to IIH

Dr. Ricardo Komotar presented a masterclass on how to build a specialty practice in medicine. This lecture is directed toward any one who is starting their medical practice regardless if it is in a private or institutional setting. It is also geared towards providers who feel they are not reaching their full potential and growth in their area of medicine. We also appreciated that a majority of his key take-away points can apply to anyone who wants to be successful in their career.

Here is a brief summary of his 1-hour lecture:

  • The 3 A’s of a successful practice are: Availability, Affability, and Ability. This means that you must be available to your colleagues via cell phone and available to patients via email. Carry yourself in a way that is approachable, affable so referring physicians and staff feel comfortable reaching out to you. Being the best at your trade -ability- is what decreases your complication rates and inturn increases patient and provider satisfaction. All together you will have a majority of the tools you need to kickstart a thriving medical practice.
  • In regards to research, strive to be a leader, “create the data, don’t wait for the data.” If you hold a special interest in your field, begin building a database by searching for patients with this disease process. Go into the community and form relationships with those who are affected and those who treat this condition. Create a personal webpage to show your interest and with time, patients will come to your office seeking your expertise.
  • Communication is key. Keep your referring doctor in the loop at all times. A simple text of “patient had surgery today, did well, follow up in your office?” can build the bridge of future referrals with that group.

View the full 1-hour lecture video.

Pick up his book on Amazon – The Business of Brain Tumors: A Handbook for Building a Patient-Centric Practice with Optimal Outcomes. You can follow Dr. Ricardo Komotar on Instagram.

We look forwarding to seeing you at our next lecture on February 6th at 8:30 pm EST.

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