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A Time To Give Thanks

As 2023 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to reflect back on the year.

This year at IIH-Hub we continued to grow our outreach of IIH information and awareness through our social media outlets. We were welcomed by the IIH community and are grateful for those who shared their personal medical journey with the website. Hearing each one’s story was impactful and gave others the strength to speak up and advocate for themselves or their loved ones. We also cannot thank all of you enough for tagging us on our social media, for messaging us through our website, and for attending our monthly webinars. Your support shows us that we are making a difference.

We would also like to thank all of the providers who have contributed to our website. We hosted 12 specialists to speak on 12 different IIH-related topics this year. Each provider shared their own experience in treating those with IIH or an associated condition. We are grateful for those in the medical community who continue to research this neurological disease and hope that one day there will be a more effective treatment.

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year. We look forward to continuing to spread awareness and evidence-based information of IIH to the community in 2024. 

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“Knowing your diagnosis and following the latest science and research is crucial in a world where you will encounter medical professionals who have never seen an IIH case.”
“It’s challenging to describe this invisible illness and the severity of how living in chronic pain everyday can change one’s life.”

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