Amy Medling

My journey to become a PCOS Diva may be familiar to you. In my teens, I began to suffer with the symptoms of PCOS including hirsutism, weight gain, irregular cycles, and acne. My symptoms carried on through adulthood where getting pregnant was mentally and physically challenging. I felt hopeless and out of control- a victim of my own body. Like you, I struggled with my symptoms and searched for answers. Through the use of fertility treatments, I was able to give life to two beautiful boys. After the birth of my youngest son, my PCOS symptoms did not subside, and I began to look for better answers. I found health, hope and happiness when I changed my diet, exercise, and perspective. I also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Now it is my mission to help women find their path through PCOS. I am a certified Health Coach and founder of PCOS Diva. It is my life’s work to help women use their PCOS diagnosis to transform their lives and fulfill their goals. I am not “the” PCOS Diva. I am just one of thousands of women who have gained control of their PCOS and, in the process, found the life they have always wanted and deserved.

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