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"I have my life back and I wouldn't change a thing."


Chaniya Wigfall

Six. It took six doctors to get me to the doctor who figured out what was wrong with me. I was poked, prodded, and medicated for 5 years with no relief. I felt ignored and neglected throughout my journey until I met my interventional radiologist. From the first visit with him, I knew I was finally going to be taken seriously. My diagnosis was given that same day, a day I will never forget. Years of migraines and tinnitus were finally explained by a test I’d had thousands of times. The fear after hearing “Pseudotumor cerebri” was imminent. Even after hearing that scary name, nothing beat the joy of having the reason for my chronic pain.

The loneliness I felt before my diagnosis was almost as debilitating as the physical pain itself. My family was there for me, but at the same time, they weren’t. The doctors and my family never understood my pain, and sometimes it made me feel as if what I was feeling was imaginary or “not that bad.” The loneliness disappeared after being heard by Dr. Boddu.

I am living a migraine-free life after receiving an intracranial stent. I am doing better in school, and it feels great to be normal again. It feels great to be able to go out and have fun without worrying about intense migraines or taking meds every 2 seconds. I have my life back and I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you are reading this, I think you know it’s time to regain control of your life. The gold at the end of the rainbow is gold, I promise. The hard part is done. The relief you have been looking for is here, grab the reins and finish the ride. In the meantime, I suggest you stock up on ice packs and just relax. Don’t second guess yourself; only you know what you feel is real. Lastly, find a doctor that takes you seriously! I’ve been through six doctors, and it could’ve been more. Just my luck! We are here for you!!!


Chaniya Wigfall

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