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"Sharing my experience with others with the same condition offers a sense of familiarity and commonality to us."

Ashley Stuart

Ashley Stuart


Hello, my name is Ashley Stuart. I was diagnosed in 2018 with IIH. Over the past few years I have found a deep therapy in sharing my life across many social media outlets.

My purpose of creating a YouTube channel in 2019 was to document what it is like to have a chronic illness like IIH. My channel initially began as an outlet to voice my frustrations but quickly became therapeutic when people found my content comforting and relatable. It is easy to be authentic in my videos, showing my everyday life with its ups and downs. It is tough to describe or explain IIH and other chronic illnesses in a way that non-affected people can understand but sharing my experience with others with the same condition offers a sense of familiarity and commonality to us.

I am currently in remission of IIH and have been off of medication for sometime. I am extremely thankful for this but I continue to create videos focusing on my migraines.

You can find my short videos across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, where I cover everything from common symptoms to how I am today. I used to make vlogs but as I am feeling my best and most stable, I now focus on highlighting certain topics via live shows.

It is rewarding having a platform to share my journey. I stay motivated when people share their stories with me and I hope many others can find solace in my work.

Here are a few links to my IIH-related YouTube videos:


Ashley Stuart has a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. She was diagnosed with IIH in 2018 and is currently in remission. Her passion is science and spreading awareness about IIH.

Ashley Stuart

Ashley Stuart

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